Philips Executive Mini Cassette Desktop 725 Dictator


Philips Executive Mini Cassette Desktop 725 Dictator

Author and assistant are united by this powerful machine that allows a smooth transfer of speech-to-text. The lightweight 4-Position Switch microphone can be attached to either side of the unit, so you can control all of the major dictation functions with one hand.

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• Single-handed dictation control with four-position switch
• Fast access to any portion of the tape with turbo wind
• Gauge fast forward and rewind position of tape with audible scan
• Delete recordings with fast erase
• Avoid unintentional operation with automatic switch-off
• Stay abreast of record status with visual indicator
• Avoid dictation loss with no-cassette sensor and audible end-of-tape warning
• Save valuable dictation with record protection
Additional Benefits
• Quality standards ISO9001
• Service support worldwide
• Measure how much tape you have recorded with LC-Display/tape counter
• Invaluable information for transcription with end-of-letter, priority, and special instruction index tones
• Conference recording options with microphone sensitivity switch
• Record important telephone conversations with built-in telephone recording (with optional interface)

Dictation accessories include: Power Supply, Handcontroller Microphone, 30 minute Mini Cassette

We carry reconditioned Dictaphone cassette equipment as well as other brands of reconditioned cassette equipment that are sometimes also referred to as "Dictaphone". Digital Dictation Equipment - Digital Dictation Solutions. We can accommodate any company from small to large. If you're thinking about updating to digital, give us a call. We offer Dragon voice recognition software that integrates perfectly with our dictation software. We are suppliers of Olympus digital dictation and transcription, Philips digital dictation and transcription as well as Grundig digital dictation and transcription. We also have several offerings for Enterprise software. We're conveniently located in Southern California. Our main office is in Los Angeles, CA.
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Digital Dictation is quickly replacing tapes. If you're thinking about updating to digital, give us a call.


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