Olympus DS-3500 Digital Dictation Recorder
Olympus DS-3500 Digital Dictation Recorder
Olympus DS-3500 Digital Dictation Recorder
Olympus DS-3500 Digital Dictation Recorder


Olympus DS-3500 Digital Dictation Recorder

With its clear and simple operation concept, the DS-3500 ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. It has a 2” color TFT LCD with 60,000 colors and white LED backlight. Access to all main commands is cleverly positioned on the unit side to allow intuitive operation via push buttons.

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The speed of speech in your palm.

Make professional dictation a seamless part of your workflow.

With its vast array of functions and accessories like USB, a docking station and speech processing software, the DS-3500 can be customized to form an essential part of any professional dictation workflow in any IT environment – comfortably from the palm of your hand.

Far more than just a recorder.

The DS-3500 empowers you with a whole range of editing options.

Creating texts by merely speaking is more than just recording. The digital speech standard (DSS) allows for quick file editing (insert, overwrite, append, erase/cut) and uses meta information (index, verbal comments, worktypes, etc.) to facilitate collaboration and automatic processing.

Powerful inside, tough outside.

The DS-3500 is built to withstand heavy-duty usage over long periods.

As well as being ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your palm and ensure comfortable operation for up to several hours at a time, its housing is also built from tough metal to withstand even the toughest of working conditions in the long term.

Speech-optimized microphone for dictations.

Work with a microphone that excels in speech recognition.

The outstanding 10-mm microphone and the DSS Pro audio codec are excellent for speech recognition and transcription performance. This has been certified by Nuance with 6 Dragons for maximum accuracy.

Adapts to any scenario.

Benefit from stereo recordings* in conferences or interviews.

Just plug in a stereo microphone** (e.g. ME-33) and make use of stereo recording to easily identify specific speakers during playback. Situations such as conference or interview recording do not require the support of perfect blind operation via slide switch. Therefore the DS-3500 is the perfect compromise, if the daily work is not mainly focused on professional dictation.

Your data is in safe hands.

Protect confidential information with data security you can rely on.

Every professional sector involves sensitive information in the workplace that needs to be safeguarded by the strictest data security. The Olympus DS-3500 protects dictations against unintended access by means of sophisticated 256 or 128-bit real-time file encryption*. Only authors and typists who know the particular password can open an encrypted dictation. The device can also be locked with a personal 4-digit PIN, making sure all data stays off limits to unauthorized individuals.

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