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is a full-featured, user-friendly dictation solution. Via the included mic station, you may record and then rewind, listen, and even edit the dictation. Unlike the cassette tapes of long ago, PcDictate's interface assists you with a visual representation of everything you do, offering a completely digital experience. Differentiate your dictations by adding client names or patient DOBs. Control who receives the dictation by selecting a typist, or have it automatically go to a general pool. Quickly switch between user profiles if sharing your PC, or even save your dictation to finish at a later time. Reading charts or other information on the screen? Minimize PcDictate and use the one-touch programmable buttons on the mic station. With PcDictate, you get ease and versatility all in one affordable package.


• Intuitive user interface allows you quickly navigate through the application's various features

• Enter a client/patient name, type of dictation (letter, exam summary), or any other relevant information in the subject field

• Enter a worktype, department, or secretary number to route your dictations

• Save a dictation for completion at a later time

• The dictation's total length as well as your current position fields allow you to easily navigate back in forth in a dictation to review or edit particular sections

• Configure a user profile with preferences and settings to suite your personal preferences. If sharing a PC, multiple user profiles may be created to allow each person to have their own profile

• Password security to prevent authorized use

• Backup feature stores a copy of each dictation on your local PC to guarantee reduntancy and peace of mind

Mic Station Features

• 8 programmable one-touch buttons

• Hand mic with convenient slide switch control, new job, and fast forward buttons

• RJ11 jack for an external footpedal to utilize "hands-free" dictation

• 3.5 MM input jack for an external microphone

• 3.5 MM input jack for external speakers

• Quality speaker in both the station's base, as well as hand mic for audio playback

• Convenient volume control on station

General Requirements

Intel Pentium 3
256 MB RAM
Sound card with a microphone (input) jack

Hard Drive Space

250 MB

Note: PcDictate keeps a backup copy of each dictation file on the local PC's hard drive for a given period of time. The default setting is 7 days. The minimum of 250 MB is determined by a user averaging 30 minutes of dictation with a backup retention of the default 7 days. A higher retention period or more than 30 minutes a day would require more than the minimum stated here. You need 1.2 MB for every minute of dictation.

Compatible Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 2000 & XP Home/Pro

Note: Microsoft Windows Vista is not currently supported

We carry reconditioned Dictaphone cassette equipment as well as other brands of reconditioned cassette equipment that are sometimes also referred to as "Dictaphone". Digital Dictation Equipment - Digital Dictation Solutions. We can accommodate any company from small to large. If you're thinking about updating to digital, give us a call. We offer Dragon voice recognition software that integrates perfectly with our dictation software. We are suppliers of Olympus digital dictation and transcription, Philips digital dictation and transcription as well as Grundig digital dictation and transcription. We also have several offerings for Enterprise software. We're conveniently located in Southern California. Our main office is in Los Angeles, CA.
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Digital Dictation is quickly replacing tapes. If you're thinking about updating to digital, give us a call.


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